High Resolution, Handheld inspection

measure Surface Features and Defects. Anywhere.

4D InSpec is the first hand-held 3D profiler of micron-level features on the shop floor. Measurements may be taken instantaneously. At the same time, you can perform analysis, where before a measurement might have taken minutes or seconds. With new Edge Break, Rounding and Chamfer measurements, the instrument is more important to manufacturing than ever.

4D Technology’s industrial inspection surface gauges improve part yields in manufacturing and rework centers around the world by measuring more accurately, more quickly, and more conveniently than other methods. They measure corrosion, defects and fine features, even on large components, under flanges, on curved surfaces and in tight corners. 

Portable, fast and precise. 4D is the first name in dynamic metrology.

Visual comparators cost manufacturers money every day.

Here's why...

What 4D InSpec can do...

Aerospace and Aviation

Engine and parts manufacturers, as well as MRO shops are depending on the handheld, easy-to-use, but highly accurate 4D InSpec surface measurement gauge.

So Many Materials

Measure black rubber or white paint; honed or corroded metal; wood; rivets or welds. These surface inspection gauges are super-versatile, and measure on the shop floor.

Parts of all kinds

Whether you need to look at corrosion, wear, a nick or dent, a weld, a crack or a paint step, grinding, blend radius, flanges, scratches, rods, spheres or cylinders, 4D InSpec can help you qualify your parts. 

New Developments

Keeping up with our customers’ needs is a full time job.
You move fast. We move faster, because 
dynamic interferometry® is all about speed.

Walk-about and measure

Off-grid defect and feature measurement

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4D InSpec cord-free kit:

  • Portable measurement, analysis, data storage and power supply
  • Cool holster for belt or handy table-side storage

Large aperture Portable 3D Inspections

4D InSpec XL inspection gauge

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4D InSpec XL:

  • Metrology for MRO and parts manufacturing
  • Large 15mm x 15mm field of view is perfect for rivets and large features
  • Hand-held instrument works wherever you take it
  • Surface measurements that improve yield by reducing uncertainty

Robotic and automated measurements

Optical metrology on a robot!

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  • Use robots to measure parts that need lots of places checked — like the blend radius of welds on a saw blade’s teeth 
  • Built-in cobot support is native in the software. UR robots can be integrated without a special license.
  • With the feature analysis capabilities, you can flag part measurements as in or out of spec automaticallys

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