Powerful, easy to use analysis for 4D InSpec.

4D InSpec® analysis software provides one-button measurement acquisition and easy to use analysis to make the most of the 4D InSpec Surface Gauge. Its straightforward design, touch-screen interface and drag-and-drop operation make the software easy to use in a production environment.

View a video of the 4D InSpec Feature Analysis

4D InSpec Feature Analysis makes it simple to locate and measure surface defects and features

View the Live Data area to align and focus the 4D InSpec. Colors indicate when the part is in focus. Drag a box to automatically zoom in on an area of interest.

4D InSpec Feature Analysis Live Video Area

The measurement results appear on the right, including a plot of the surface, a view of the defects/features found, and a table of data for each feature. You can also show a 2D or 3D plot of the area full screen.

4D InSpec Feature Analysis Area

Drag a cursor across a feature to see its cross-section. You can use X and Y cursors, or multiple arbitrary cursors.

4D InSpec Features Analysis includes arbitrary cross-section tools

Set the feature criteria to show only features of a given depth or height, or features with a minimum width or area.

4D InSpec Feature Analysis gives you many criteria to find surface defects and features

The Measurement Stack stores your recent measurements for comparison or further analysis. Select multiple measurements to save to disk or delete.

4D InSpec Software measurement stack

Recipes let you choose a set of thresholds and settings for repeatable measurements over time and between operators.

4D InSpec Software Recipes

Data reports are incredibly simple. Save the entire screen, save individual plots, or export the Features Analysis data. You can also save each measurement in a variety of file types for easy export to other software.

The 4D InSpec software comes complete with the 4D InSpec Surface Gauge. The software can also be purchased separately for data analysis and report generation on another desktop or laptop computer. Remote access software lets you interface with the core functions of the instrument and software from user-written applications. An IronPython scripting option is also available to let you write your own automation and data analysis scripts.

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