Surface defect gauge measures larger features.

The 4D InSpec® XL Surface Defect Gauge

Measure defects with 4D InSpec XL

The 4D InSpec XL Surface Defect Gauge expands 4D Technology's 4D InSpec product line—they're the first handheld, precision instruments for 3D non-contact surface defect measurement. The 4D InSpec XL has a larger field of view and higher scan range. The features you measure can be up to 0.6" x 0.6" across. You still get micrometer-level resolution, portability, affordability and ease-of-use. It measures and reports in under a second. 4D InSpec XL puts high resolution metrology on the factory floor, in machine shops, on the flight-line, and in field-service's hands. So you don't have to wait for the metrology lab's report.

A handheld 3D surface defect gauge

4D InSpec XL quantifies defects such as pits, scratches, nicks, dents and bumps, and measures features such as edge break, radii, rivet depth and dot peen depth, from 0.0002" (5 microns) to 0.35" (9 mm) deep/tall. 4D InSpec is far more repeatable and accurate than visual comparison techniques typically used for surface defect measurements. And unlike high-end metrology systems it is rugged, flexible and affordable, to measure a wide range of part geometries in the most challenging environments.

Surface roughness on an intake blade

Review the Specs Yourself

Download 4D InSpec XL Data Sheet (pdf)

"Our three 4D InSpecs paid for themselves in a week."

—Machining/Rework Process Engineer, USAF

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So easy, you can learn to use it in 10 minutes

No replicas, less dismantling of big parts. Just place it and click:

  1. Touch the standoff leg to the part: you're in focus
  2. Tilt the surface defect gauge until the preview turns bright green: you're perpendicular to the surface
  3. Press the button on the gauge: your measurement appears on the screen in about a second

Hold the 4D InSpec in your hand to access tight corners or to sample large surfaces directly on components. An optional fold mirror accessory lets the system function like a borescope to access features without line of sight. One-button operation and immunity to sensor movement make it easy to align and measure, while a rugged design and single cable tether withstand the rigors of daily use. So you never need to wait for the replica to set up.

Workstation setup

In a workstation configuration 4D InSpec makes it fast and easy to obtain repetitious and repeatable quality control data. A touchscreen interface handles setup, operation, analysis and report generation. A holding stand keeps the gauge in the same place, so you can slide similar parts into and out of position. Watch the preview on the screen to locate your defect under the gauge. Touch the button on the screen or on the gauge—or use the mouse—to take a measurement.

The included software with intuitive touch-screen interface automatically locates defects and calculates their height, volume, area, slopes and location. The operator can choose from 2D traces or 3D plots to view defects in great detail. Calculate radius of curvature of grooves, rods and spheres. The gauge also supports easy data transfer to quality control systems via LAN, USB or WiFi for rapid pass-fail analysis.

4D InSpec's analysis software works on an HD touch screen.

Measuring the profile of a rivet with 2D and 3D traces.

A complete system

A complete 4D InSpec system includes the instrument, computer with HD 1080p touch-screen interface, single Ethernet cable tether, measurement and analysis software, and benchtop stand (pictured above). A full set of accessories, including a portable workstation and Li-ion rechargeable battery with up to 8 hours operational time, are also available to improve portability and productivity.
On the accessories page, you'll find foot pedals, for when your hands are full, plus calibration standards, portable workstations, and offline analysis licenses.

We've even mounted 4d InSpec on robotic manipulators for fully automated measurements of complex components.

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