The following videos show you how the 4D InSpec Surface Gauge is used in various applications and environments.

Quick Intro to the 4D InSpec Surface Gauge

The 4D InSpec Surface Gauge is the first handheld, high resolution instrument for measuring surface features and defects in shop floor environments. Erik Novak, Product Manager for the 4D InSpec, shows how to measure surface defects in just seconds, with micrometer resolution.

4D InSpec Surface Gauge Feature Analysis for locating and measuring pits, scratches, bumps, corrosion and features
4D InSpec Feature Analysis

This video shows how to use the 4D InSpec Feature Analysis to locate and measure pits, scratches, bumps and other features in the field of view. Thresholds make it easy to automatically find just the features which are out of specification. 2D and 3D views, cursors, and other tools help you visualize and report your surface measurement data.

4D InSpec Surface Gauge Blade Edge Measurement
Blade Edge Measurement with 4D InSpec

Measuring corrosion, scratches and other defects on the edge of turbine blades is critical for ensuring proper performance and longevity. This video shows how the 4D InSpec Surface Gauge is used to measure blade edges and to accurately measure defects, even on complex curved surfaces.

4D InSpec Surface Gauge Measure Aircraft Engine Components
4D InSpec Measuring Aircraft Engine Components (no audio)

This video shows the handheld, portable 4D InSpec Surface Gauge being used to measure surface defects on various aircraft engine components, including casings, fan disks and turbine blades. This video contains no audio.

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4D Webinar: Shop Floor 3D Metrology

This webinar, held on January 19, 2017 and presented by Dr. Erik Novak of 4D Technology, discusses the challenges of measuring surface defects and fine features in shop floor environments. The 4D InSpec Surface Gauge is introduced as an affordable, handheld, high resolution tool for measuring surface defects and features. Its large field of view, ability to measure in tight corners and bores, measurement time of just a few seconds, and immunity to vibration make it an excellent solution for measuring large and small components in manufacturing environments.

4D InSpec Surface Gauge Optimizing Brightness video
4D Technology 4D InSpec - Optimizing Brightness

This video shows how to optimize the brightness (intensity) level to get the best measurements with the 4D InSpec Surface Gauge.